Get Back Deleted

  • This software facilitates users to get back deleted files of different file formats with same ease.
  • It can be easily used on Mac and Windows operating system, functioning on different file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX and ReFS.
  • Allows users to get back deleted photos from digital camera, cell phone, iPod, flash drive, or portable hard drive.
  • Free demo version with option to preview recovered media files helps in judging functionality of the program.

Learn Simple way to get back deleted pictures, documents, videos, or mp3 files?

Have you accidentally deleted some of the precious pictures, documents, videos, or mp3 from any of your storage device? Worried about losing important files after formatting USB flash drive? If the above mentioned queries or any other data loss scenario is troubling you, then you have landed at the right webpage. All your worries and search for the best file recovery software ends here!!! All you need to do in such state of affair is downloading and installing this tool, to get back deleted or lost files with great ease. But, before making use of this tool you need to understand that how it is possible to get back deleted or lost files. When any of us delete files from saved location then, only respective file detail is cleared from the file system. As this task is done a message is transmitted to OS that previously occupied space is now free for saving any new file. Hence, all that is required by any recovery tool is to rebuild the link.

One of the major reason for losing valuable files and folders upon any storage device is accidental deletion. People around the globe lose their priceless files just by their own mistake. However simple deletion command never erases files from computer permanently. When any file is deleted using delete command then, it gets halted at the recycle bin or trash folder. Hence, users have last option to restore them at the previously saved location.  However, if the same thing is done using Shift Delete on Windows or Command Delete option on Mac OS then, deleted files get projected over Recycle Bin and Trash folder. Similar sort of deletion scenario can happen on different other devices like camera, phone or camcorder. These common human errors cause deletion of adored files and folders from various data storage drives. All the files that are deleted due to any reason can be easily rescued by use of this software which get back deleted files without any need to follow any clumsy steps over it. As the files get deleted over computer, in the same way emails and folders of Outlook may get deleted on Outlook. To know more about deletion scenarios over MS Outlook click here:

Other situations where files get deleted is due to some third party software. There are number of software which is capable to manage data that are saved on computer or any other gadget. If these tools start malfunctioning then, there is a possibility of files getting deleted. There are different other scenarios that causes file deletion from respective storage devices, a few of them are mentioned here:

  • Deletion of the files while previewing
  • Deletion of infected files by antivirus software during scan of your data storage drive
  • Abruptly pulling out flash drive from computer when data transfer is going on
  • Sudden system shutdown or reboot during file transfer procedure

Important – Deleted or lost data from PC’s hard drive or from any other drive can be recovered until a new file overwrites the deleted file. Therefore, it is recommended to use file recovery software as soon as possible for getting best results. Moreover, regular use of the drive from which you are planning to get back deleted/lost files can result in permanent data loss.

Some of the promising features of Get back Deleted software:

  • Quite capable to recover pictures that are captured from professional cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Sony and different others. Click on the url to know more in this context:
  • Single software which can work upon both Mac and Windows operating system
  • This software easily works well on both Intel and Power PC platforms
  • It has got one of the best scanning algorithm which scans entire storage device in few minutes and get back deleted files in the exact same format.
  • Makes deleted file recovery very easy because of its intuitive user interface
  • This software also allows users to get back formatted drive in a very straight forward way.
  • 24 by 7 expert customer support team for handling queries
  • If needed by the users they can preview the files before saving them at any of the required location of HDD.

How to use the Get Back Deleted software?

  1. After you finish downloading the recover deleted data Mac / Windows utility on your computer, run the downloaded executable file for installing the software.
  2. Now open home screen of the software by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. It will appear as shown in the below figure.
  3. Get Back Deleted - Home Screen

  4. Follow simple on screen instructions and select appropriate drive to get back deleted files and folders.
  5. In the end, you will receive the list of retrieved files as shown in the figure below, which can be saved to any drive accessible to your computer.
  6. Get Back Deleted - Recovered Files

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